Ugu Fashion Wine & Music Experience

Ugu Fashion Wine and Music Experience (UFWME)

The Ugu Fashion, Wine and Music experience (UFWME) is a coastal lifestyle event anchored by three pillars, which are, fashion, wine and music. These pillars are creatively infused to give the event’s attendees a classy, fresh, unique, and entertaining experience like no other.

The experience takes the audience through a Live Music experience from local and national acclaimed artists, it also includes the Wine Tasting experience which introduces various wine brands, from the regular wine brands to premium wine brands. New Wine Brands also get a platform to be introduced to the audience which is essentially, potential buyers. The event is also set apart by the fashion show which is a platform to local fashion designers who display high level of skill and potential to be the next David Tlale. Designers who have showcased their work on bigger platforms like the SA fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Windhoek fashion Week, and the Durban Fashion fair also dazzle the audience with their work on the UFWME Runway.

The 1st Annual UFWME took place on the 23rd December 2017 at Desroches Hotel in Margate, it was huge success and the talk of the town for being the first event which upheld a high level of organization, opulence, uniqueness and the talent from the South Coast. The UFWME brought about a notion that the South Coast citizens no longer have to travel long distances to the cities for such, as it is brought to them, courtesy of Everson Media House. A panel of Stylists, Fashion Contributors and Fashion Designers select two Prize winners who best interpreted the theme and represent that on their outfits (Best Dressed Male & Female).

On the event, appearances by TV stars & Media Personalities are enjoyed by many, the 2nd installment of the UFWME will see a rise in celebrities & social media influencers attending this prestigious event, this will certainly attract the media to broadcast this event. To launch the event and to introduce it to the general public.

UFWME 2017

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